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Modern church lighting ideas

As a religious place, the church is where people perform praying and singing as well as organizing some important events such as weddings, baptisms and other gatherings. Having a proper church lighting design is crucial to ensuring these events take place in a way that helps optimize the visual feelings and emotions of participants.

Unfortunately the churches provided with poor and dim lighting still exist commonly around the world due to a lack of awareness on church lighting ideas. To make the churches look more attractive and visually amazing, it's important to choose the right church lighting fixtures and lighting control solutions.


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Proper church light lux level is a must

The insufficient and dim lighting is one of common lighting issues for the churches. As the churches are usually built with sophisticated architecture features as well as high ceilings, sometimes it's challenging to ensure all church spaces are illuminated well with the proper light lux levels. To distribute the lighting evenly and properly within the whole space, it requires highly professional lighting specialists. In addition, the lighting quality matters a lot to maintain the sustainable lighting as the poor quality lighting with a high degradation rate can put your churches at the risk of dimly lit situations.


Commonly used church light fittings

Some common church light fittings we usually see include track lights, spotlights, downlights as well as different types of pendant light fixtures. The modern track light fixtures are appropriate to be installed on the church walls or ceilings for generating unique accent lighting. They play an important role in accentuating some important objects on the wall such as the paintings, sculptures as well as other unique architectural features and more. The position of these fixtures is key to creating desirable lighting mood and atmosphere by creating desirable contrast lighting and atmospheric lighting reflection within the entire church space. The church pendant lights, along with some ceiling downlights can be put accordingly through the church for offering basic illumination sufficiently.

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Choose the LED church lighting fixtures

There is no doubt that the LED light fixtures have a much higher energy efficiency and longer lifespan than traditional lights. According to some studies, the LED lights can save power consumption up to 80% and have a average service life of 50,000 hours which's much longer compared to 1000-10000hours lifespan for many conventional lights. The benefit of energy efficiency and longer lifespan from LED fixtures is very significant when it comes to the church lighting design because it requires less maintenance and replacement costs. Considering the lights are often installed highly in the churches, it's very challenging and costly to repair or replace the light fixtures, so using LED church lighting fixtures is a cost-effective decision in the long run for saving operations costs and most importantly protecting the church architectures.


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Introduce advanced church lighting controls

Lighting control system is one of significant parts for the church lighting design but it's easily overlooked on multiple occasions. As churches are large in space, which requires a large number of different light fittings, it's necessary to achieve the flexible church lighting control systems that enables you to control the lights individually as well as editing them as a group. At this point, the DALI lighting control system is an effective and cost-effective solution that allows you to tune the light levels for the desirable light mood and control the lamps individually or as a group. On top of that, some wireless smart lights can also be introduced to the churches to ensure lights of different sections work exactly where they are in need over different periods of time.  

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Prevent damage caused by new installation

To prevent damage caused by new lights installation, there is no better way than choosing the lights that's compatible with previous light systems, For example, in terms of church track light systems, if you ever used some outdated track systems for your churches but hope to update them with contemporary LED track light systems, you can consider using those that work well with current track systems. The light system such as Dali or even Dali-2 standard lighting that requires less wiring and cabling is preferable in churches for reduce the risk of damage caused by wiring.


As a professional china led light provider, Kinglumi has accumulated extensive experience for church lighting design ideas and helped lots of churches around the world deliver energy efficient and dynamic lighting solutions. Our DALI LED track light systems are particularly welcomed and popular among customers for the churches due to advanced dimming light controls and versatile lighting features.


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