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FAQ for Appolo UGR16 LED ceiling panel lights



Q1. Have you considered selling the Module Frame, LED MCPCB, PET diffuser and Louvre reflector packages separately?

         Apollo ceiling led panel light comes with flexible customization.  For big manufacturing partners overseas, we can provide components after signing an agreement.


Q2. We would like to see how this unit is installed… Can you please send a diagram ex.

         For assembly, you can review the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/4nxy4YVmX8c

         For the MCPCB and other wire diagram, please check the picture below:


Q3. Do you offer DALI and Push DIM, or 1-10V dimming driver?

         Yes, they are all available.


Q4. Please let us know the LED brand, McAdam and driver brand?

Apollo dimmable ceiling panel lights adopt original Samsung SMD LEDs, within 4step SDCM Macadam Ellipse. Kinglumi Brand, Lifud and Boke driver are also able to be supplied.


Q5. A wide beam spreads would actually help your fitting be better suited to an office lighting environment, so is 60 degree enough?

85°x85°, and 85°x65° batwing wide beam spreads are available for option;  85°x85° is recommended for general lighting while 85°x65° is proposed for meeting rooms, aisle etc.


Q6. By using the same number of fittings (Kinglumi Apollo   LED Panel Vs LED flat panel), we note that:

1) Average lux levels are about 60 lux higher with the Kinglumi Panel.

Yes, Apollo panel light’s batwing light distribution brings down over 90% lumen in cone 90 degree, while flat panel light is offered with Lambertian distribution with more split light produced in wide beam angle.

2) Lighting Uniformity of Apollo modular led panels  is similar to that from fluorescent modular luminaires with even light effects.

The Apollo anti glare panel light is able to replace fluorescent modular light fixture of some big brands like Philips, Thorn with a replacement ratio of 1:1.


3) Due to the high efficacy of APOLLO office led panel light, we lower their watts to control luminance within 400lux for offices use.The 25W Apollo panel lightis able to provide sufficient lighting with lumen output of 3200LM.


Apollo ceiling LED panel light is equivalent to fluorescent louvers as follows:

T8 4x18W; T5 4x14W (595x595/620x620mm)  /  T8 2x36W; T5 2x28W (1195x295mm).

We also have an optional LED driver that's used to lower output of 2500LM, which is the great alternative to 3x14W T5 lightfixture.


Q7. Do you provide wholesale packaging?

   There are two different packaging options: individual packaging(one panel light with single box, and 5pcs per carton); Another one is 5pcs per carton but without single box.


Q8. Does Apollo Panel lights come with Philips/Samsung/LG/NICHIA LEDs? 

         The  standard LED brand is Samsung but the LEDs of other brands is available for large orders


Q9. What driver you use for ensuring flicker free lighting?(Please send datasheet)

         The flicker operation of Apollo commercial LED panel is at less than 3%(Pro version), or a little higher(Std version).

According to IEEE 1789 2015 standards, the no-effect region is less than 3.33% flicker operation(<0.0333*f).


Q10. Can we put the driver in the fitting body or it’s just located on the back of the panel?

         Driver, Panel(Frame), LED light engine(Module) are detachable without built-in design.

Q11. Are the modules suitable for use of different panel sizes?

         The APOLLO of all different sizes use the same LED module, which can help you save inventory costs  as driver, frame, and module can be ordered separately.


Q12. Can the frame be customized?

         Yes, we can customize it into various different sizes, especially for air slot or linear pendants.

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