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Deliver the right commercial lighting to unlock business opportunity


What commercial lighting is helping with is not only providing basic illumination, but also playing an important role improving interior design and bringing people a better experience. The commercial lighting design is increasingly centered on the people to create the comfortable, positive and interactive atmosphere. Despite of the huge amount of commercial light fixtures in the market, it's not an easy job to choose the right light fittings that can create a unique interior style and improve business sales.


As one of leading commercial lighting manufacturer in China, Kinglumi adheres to technology innovation to provide state-of-the-art commercial LED lighting fixtures that come with outstanding attributes and user-friendliness. We deliver a broad range of commercial lighting fixtures that covers commercial track lights, LED downlights, LED panel lights, LED wall washer lights, etc. Highly recognized among our customers due to superior functionalities and stability, they have been widely used in a wide selection of commercial lighting applications such as various retail stores, shopping malls, automotive dealerships, hospitality, just to speak a few.


Offer various commercial lighting solutions

Kinglumi develops and manufactures varieties of commercial interior lighting fixtures for serving the purpose of different commercial spaces. In addition, each series of LED luminaies also cover a wide range of watts, LED brands,  optical lens, color temperatures and accessories. For example, there 're different requirements for lighting use in grocery store, bakery shop and clothing store, so light fixtures uses in these spaces usually come with different performance in terms of lighting distribution pattern, color temperatures and dimming solutions, etc.


Achieve modular lighting design

We insist on modular lighting design with flexibility, compatibility and versatilities, which's conducted to ensure our commercial lighting products can adapt to different commercial lighting environments. Each component of commercial light fixtures, which include LED light engine, optical lens, reflector, housing cover, trims, LED driver, is detachable and interchangeable for convenient maintenance and replacement. This effectively improves their use efficiency and creates opportunities for meeting the specific lighting design needs to different situations.


Focus on consumer emotions

Lighting to consumer emotions is what garden is to your house. The properly designed commercial interior lighting is able to bring consumers a wonderful and happy shopping experience. Every detail of lighting design can affect how consumers feel and behave while staying in commercial spaces. Kinglumi knows and cares about the emotional needs of shoppers to design the commercial light fixtures characterized by excellent lighting uniformity and comfort, as well as flexible dimming solutions for desired lighting atmosphere.


Personalized custom solution is achievable

Due to some special architecture designs and harsh environments, it's common that the customizable commercial light fittings are in need to offer desired lighting solutions. To provide personalized custom services is what we're good at and proud of doing with a strong and highly efficient engineering team. From changing light component to developing new light fitting, we're able to serve the needs of customers and finish the process within a short period of time.


Provide reliable sales services

Kinglumi develops and designs innovative and energy-efficient LED lights but pays a greater attention to providing service-oriented lighting solutions according to different lighting environments. In the beginning, our sales professionals are happy to help you with reliable and cost-effective lighting solutions after knowing your specific needs of lighting. In addition, you will be kept informed what's going on for your orders under production to ensure timely delivery of products. After you receive the goods, our after-sales people will actively communicate with you for technical supports and maintenance services

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