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APOLLO Linear suspension lighting is now available


We're happy to announce the launch of our APOLLO Linear suspension lighting that's updated from existing APOLLO panel lights. This LED linear suspension lighting is created with the same LED light engine module of APOLLO LED panels but with different panel sizes and installations. It's characterized by the same benefits and performances as APOLLO panel lighting fixtures such as modular and detachable design, UGR16 low glare capability, up to 120LM/W high efficacy, together with  DALI and 1-10V dimming solutions.


As pendant luminaire, the APOLLO linear pendant light is sized at 1050mmx70mmx70mm and offers high efficient lighting with up to 65% power reduction compared to traditional light fittings. As a innovative lighting system, It's able to bring creativity and value to interior design and help identify your brand. With sleek and stylish appearance, the APOLLO suspended led linear lighting offers clean lines and create a sense of beauty, fashion and clearness.


Customizable in sizes, APOLLO pendant LED linear light is the optimal lighting solution for a variety of applications such as offices, schools libraries, meeting rooms, aisles, corridors etc. It offers exceptionally high quality lighting and suitable to be applied for both new installations and retrofit projects with low installation costs.