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Minimize energy use with high bay occupancy sensor lighting


For industrial lighting applications where super bright illumination is desired, energy use keeps pressure on facility owners and operators. In light of this, what's increasingly cared about for industrial lighting is how to save power consumptions and cut electrical costs. The presence of LED high bay industrial lighting, particularly high bay occupancy sensor lighting with smart control systems, come to solve the puzzle.


Kinglumi offers highly efficient industrial occupancy sensor lighting that's available with built-in 360 degree motion sensor for smart control of lighting system. In comparison with external motion sensor box, the built-in occupancy motion sensor is able to create a clean and sleek appearance of light fitting, together with making an easier installation process. The occupancy sensor inside high bay light body is equipped with Microwave/Radar 5.8GHz signal with 360° detection angle, being able to keep lights on automatically when it detects moving objects. Of course, you can also set the time flexibly to ensure lights still stay on when no motion can be detected within the area.


For example, #2#3 DIP switch is used to keep lights on when objects keep moving and #4#5 switch is important to set how long the lights will output illumination of 100% brightness before it dims down to lower light level. Such intelligent control system is essential for saving power consumptions and helping build a green and clean lighting environment.