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Kinglumi warns competitors over patent infringement of panel lights


We're told frequently by customers that many competitors in the industry manufactured and sold the products as exactly same as our patented Apollo LED panel lights. Following thorough investigation, we find the companies that infringed on the patents of our Apollo panel lights are numerous and placed in different cities across the nation. Ironically speaking, the infringers stole the pictures and graphics of our Apollo LED panel lights and directly uploaded them to their own websites or online stores for sale.


What's worse, some sales people from competitors even visited our customers and demonstrated the counterfeited products face-to-face boldly, as said by some of our customers. In response to this, Kinglumi takes the issue seriously and has severely warned the infringers over their behaviors of patents infringements, and demanded they stop manufacture and sell counterfeited products immediately. Although these companies have already deleted the counterfeited products information from their websites, we will continue our investigation and file  patent infringement lawsuits to court if they still infringe on our patents rights.

The Apollo LED panel lights, which's created with modular, recycling and interchangeable design, have successfully got patented and protected in China since last year with Patent NO. of 2017214885103. Since their launch last year, the Apollo LED panel lights have been highly praised among customers around the globe and proven to be helpful for building green, clean and human-centric lighting environments with UGR below 16. 


Such innovative light system was presented to the public by the sustainable efforts and continued experiments from our engineers for long period of time.  However, such great efforts seem compromised and pale when an increasing of competitors copy and counterfeit such innovative light system. The behavior of pirates not only makes fake and unreliable products flow to the markets, damage the benefits of customers but also play an negative impacts on the brands awareness of our company.


In light of this, Kinglumi will step up efforts to protect our intellectual property and seek to improve the awareness and importance of patent rights. For those who still stick to infringements of our patent rights, we will pursue legal claims to protect ourselves. In addition, our efforts focusing on lighting innovation and developing the state-of-the-art light fixtures will never stop in spite of higher infringements of our patent rights from competitors.