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Classic ™ track lights: Optimize benefit of appearance and performance



The Classic ™ wide selection of LED track lighting fixtures are one of the best selling track light fixtures at Kinglumi with a combination of sleek appearance, high energy efficiency and outstanding performances. Since launched in 2011, as one of the best LED track lights in the market, the Classic ™ luminaires stand out  thanks to perfect quality, excellent work stability, long service life as well as ability to direct crisp and uniform, and energy-efficient lighting. In spite of patents infringements of our such track luminaires by competitors in the industry frequently, we are only imitated and duplicated but never outperformed by infringers.


Engineered with a wide range of watts models from 9W to 45W, the Classic ™ led commercial track lighting fixtures feature high efficacy of 100LM/W or 100 lumens per watt. Operated by original Cree COB LEDs, the luminaires work perfectly to direct adequate and high quality lighting at a very low light attenuation rate. The extruded aluminum heat sink, along with unique and patented thermal design, is used to improve the heat transfer performance and in the meantime expand the service time of fixtures. Compared to halogen and metal halide light fixtures, the Classic ™ bright track lighting can operate at much longer time which can reach up to 50,000hours and most importantly save an impressive amount of energy use.


Based on the patented CAMETRA™ anti-glare lens, these black and white track LED lighting fixtures are able to generate crisp, clean and comfortable lighting that's crucial for protecting the eyes and preventing fatigue. They also feature 3-step Macadam Ellipse to ensure the perfect color consistency for building dynamic and pleasant lighting environments. The high-performance benefits of colors and health enable them to be the ideal light fixtures for various high-end applications such as boutiques, art galleries, museums, commercial offices, auto dealership shops, etc.


A total of three CRI options, which include standard Ra82, Ra90 and extremely high Ra98, are available for such track light systems. The design of high Ra values is able to render the saturated and refined colors of commodities or items that's important to be emphasized. It's important to make the favorite items of customers stand out with attractive colors and forms as this can draw the attention of customers as well as leading to direct sales.


Apart from listed benefits above, the Classic ™ range of LED track luminaires also boast of a set of other outstanding attributes such as multiple wide beam angles of 15°,24°,38°,60°,75°x50° lens, 10-100% dimming options with Triac LED dimmers, and most importantly the warming dimming performance. In addition, it's very easy and convenient to install or uninstall the fixtures and you are able to rotate the fittings freely by 360 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. 

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