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What\'s the benefits of modular lighting



With an higher competition of lighting markets around the world, what's essential for unlocking more business opportunities is undoubtedly lying in the innovation of lighting design. From the very beginning, Kinglumi understands this and has been adhering to standing on the forefront of lighting trends for sustainable and rapid development. Among the innovations taken by us, modular lighting design is one of significant innovative idea and success that brings the benefits of user friendliness, energy efficiency, usage flexibility as well as reducing installation and maintenance costs apparently.


Customize your DIY lighting

The LED modular lighting, which's produced with movable, exchangeable and recycling light parts, allows for a high flexibility of customizing your own modern light systems . The individual and independent light components such as LEDs, optics, LED driver, frames as well as accessories are able to be installed and uninstalled freely for replacement for delivering as many lighting solutions as possible. With the advent of modular led lights, the customers are given a chance to change the individual light parts for optimizing the lighting effects as required based on the changes of lighting needs.


Diversify the light forms and styles

One of the unique and outstanding benefits for modular approach is that it allows for assembling desired light fixtures up to hundreds of styles and shapes. Let's take an example of our MK modular led lighting system that's able to be assembled into up to 228 kinds of fixtures. The modular design of such kind is believed to be one of the greatest lighting attribute that's highly aspired by lighting designers for ability to realize their innovative and bold light design ideas.


Easily installed and replaced

For the modular luminaires, they are advantageous from the perspective of installations due to compact design and movable performance. As modular light fixtures usually come with simple and easy assembling process in workshops, the installation and replacement work for the fixtures are also very easy and convenient. It's important to note that the total of reduced budget due to easy and quick installations could be huge, particularly for places where labor costs are too high.


Helpful to environment protection

The waste of light fixtures has been a big problem of environment protection and caused a higher concern among people both at home and abroad. Due to high use efficiency and recyclable benefit, the modular LED lighting can make a good use of individual light parts and reduce the harmful impact of environment protection.


The range of modular LED lights Kinglumi provide include Apollo™ LED modular panel lights, MK series of modular LED downlights, Saturn™ small downlights, Smarter™ modular track lighting,etc. All of these led light fixtures are supplied with outstanding performances and have a long life span of more than 50,000hrs. 

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