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Five ways to create the right modern office lighting


The success of office lighting design is vital to building positive, comfortable and motivated working environments. As the way how people nowadays work has changed a lot, the lighting within the office interiors should keep consistency of the modern work style. These are some ways that could perhaps help you design your desired office lighting systems that focus on the needs of people.


Focus on the human needs

In the past years, people put desks and screens at the centre of office lighting design. However, the needs of people who stay for a long time in offices are easily neglected. For example, in an office space where desks and screens are highly illuminated but the wall and floor areas are provided with weak and dim light, the people staying inside tend to feel unsatisfied and even distressed. In order to prevent the eyestrain and fatigue feelings, the lighting for office spaces should be offered uniformly and homogeneously.

The light levels matter

Although the light levels for different office sections are variable, the amount of lumens or lux for each office section should be delivered properly. For some more suggestions on this aspect, there are some specified standards of lighting levels stated by some professional lighting institutes. For example, the proper light level for meeting rooms is 500 lux, 300-500 lux for computer work areas, and 500 lux for writing and reading. If you want to get some more suggestions, you are welcome to consult with our professional lighting engineers.


Use energy-efficient LED office lighting

In comparison with the conventional fluorescent lights, LED office lighting is increasingly applied to modern work environments. It's commonly known that LED lighting comes with multiple attributes such as a higher energy efficiency, longer service life, higher flexibility on use, eco-friendly performance, just to speak a few. Additionally, with a decrease of costs for LED lighting fixtures, they are ideally suitable for modern offices to build environment-friendly and healthy workplace. 


Invest in high quality lighting

After we choose the right type of light fixtures for different office areas, what's more important next step lies in the selection of high quality office lighting fittings. In spite of the fact that lighting manufacturers around the globe are enormous, it's not easy to find a reliable and competitive lighting supplier that can deliver high quality and high-value office lighting led fixtures. If we only take interest in cheap products, it will probably pose a big threat to the quality, safety and stability of luminaires we use. What's worse, actually in the long run it will take us more money in terms of repair and replacement.


Utilize modular lighting fixtures

The modular and integrated led office lighting fixtures are popular to be utilized in modern offices for achieving adjustable and all-round lighting solutions. They are advantageous adopting interchangeable and movable design of independent light components that can be repaired and replaced very conveniently. This can to a great extent reduce the maintenance and replacement costs.