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The Ecodesign issued draft regulation on removability of light sources and gears


A new draft regulation, which's recently issued by Ecodesign in European Commission, noted that the luminaires manufacturers and importers shall make sure that the light sources and separate control gears in scope of the regulation can be readily removed without permanent mechanical damage by the end-user. According to the draft regulation, lighting manufacturers and importers shall ensure the light sources of the light fittings they make or sell are freely removable and replaceable by 1st, September 2020.


The new regulation, if adopted finally, will change the way how luminaires are designed and have significant impact on lighting investments for lighting manufacturers. For example, for those who usually design luminaire lamps with light sources bonded into lamp body unremovably, they will have to invest heavily in changing the lighting designs of huge selection of their existing luminaires into a new way that fits in with the new regulations.


Although the removability requirements will put some lighting suppliers in a situation that's not beneficial to them, the benefits related to the new regulations are huge and enormous in terms of environment protection, contributing to a better experience of end user. With light sources and separate light components removable and replaceable, the end users can make best use of independent light control gears and help build a recycling, eco-friendly and clean environment.


In light of this draft regulation, we are pleased to announce that we have moved ahead of competitors for many years for designing innovative and eco-friendly modular lamps that feature removable and replaceable, as well as interchangeable light components. The modular light lighting we provide are removable from the perspective of separate light parts including led sources, led drivers, optical systems, frames as well as lens.


There are a wide range of modular LED lamps by us, which include our Apollo™ LED panels,  Smarter™ series of modern LED track lights, Saturn™ selection of architectural LED downlights as well as MK series of modular Downlights. All of these light fittings come with flexible and convenient removability that completely suits the needs of this new draft regulations issued by Ecodesign laws.

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