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Some common questions for Saturn ™ modular LED Ceiling downlights


LED ceiling Downlights are popular in the lighting market for their ability to suit the lighting needs of various environments as well as reduced costs. When it comes to selection of the right ceiling downlights, there are quite a few factors that's considered such as IP rate performance, finishes of frames, CCT, beam angles, UGR and Ra value levels ,etc. In light of this, Kinglumi understands what's customers particularly looking for and delivers competitive and modular Saturn™ range of led recessed ceiling downlights. In order to let customers get a further insight into such innovative small recessed down lights, we list some common questions and answers that's helpful to help customers make a right decision.


Do I still need to spend big on fixed downlights for inventory?

For wholesalers, it is usually necessary for them to prepare huge range of products in stock. This, undoubtedly speaking, will increase cash flow pressure of inventory as well as the risk of business as sometimes you are not sure completely whether the items in stock are just what your customer need. To relieve the pressure of inventory, Kinglumi achieved modular approach for Saturn™ range of recessed light kits that's composed of removable and replaceable led light parts and accessories.  The frames of fixtures, provided with both IP20 and IP65 rated performances, come with normal and deep recessed designs as well as different finishes of white/brushed/ silver etc. Such innovative light system allows customers to design customizable and various lighting solutions based on required needs.


Is it difficult to fix the frames on MR16 modules?

The unique click sytem is adopted for luminaires for only one second installation of frames, flexible and user-friendly.


Are Saturn down lights sytems accepted among electricians?

Kinglumi Saturn™ down light Systems are widely accepted by electricians around the world. the statistics show that the sales of Saturn selection of light fixtures have been sold for over 700,000 sets in 2017.


How about the quality of such fixtures?

The defected rate for Saturn™ /Kingkong series of led ceiling down lights in the past 2 years is below 0.1% , and all Saturn /Kingkong range of lighting productsare approval by TUV CE .


Is Dim2warm functionality offered?

Yes, by cooperation with Bridgelux special chips , Saturn Series of ceiling downlights feature Dim2warm or warm dimming function from 3000K-2000K.


What is the driver used with Saturn light fittings ? Is DALI driver available ?

We use our self-designed high quality LED driver that's compatible with more than 30 kinds of common dimmers in the market and highly recognized by customers around the globe. We are also honored to be one of the first group companies that acquired the DALI certificate for LED driver. The Saturn series of LED Downlights use such DALI approved LED drive on our own.