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Bring a sense of modernity and elegance with linear pendant fixtures


The linear pendant fixtures work well in modern architectural spaces to bring sense of elegance, uniqueness and innovation. With clean, dynamic and fresh appearance, the modern linear light fixtures help contribute to contemporary, comfortable and innovative interior styles. They are appropriate to be applied in lots of scenarios such as offices, meeting rooms, lecture halls, showrooms, reception areas, etc.


To deliver value-adding lighting solution for modern architectures, Kinglumi recently launched a unique LED linear pendant light fixture using the LED light source of Apollo LED panel lights. Such linear fixture is sized at 1050mmx70mmx70mm and features advanced optical light system that delivers lumen output up to 3600LM with a 28W power model. The luminaire is available with both  85°x70°and 85°x85°optics and offer a standard color rendering index of 82.


What's particularly significant for modern lumianires lies in the comfort and health of lighting. To bring maximum value of light comfort, our lighting engineers utilized the latest glare control technology to the fixtures and kept the UGR level of this pendant linear lighting less than 16. It also perfectly match the concept of "seeing the lighting without seeing light fixtures", which is important to prevent direct view of bright light source for people within the space.  


The solid and exquisite suspension mounting kits are offered to ensure the fixtures are installed safely and match well with the architectural styles. You are able to control the installation height flexibly according to the architectural environments. Compared to other lights, the linear pendant light fixtures are easily installed and reduce the risk of damaging existing architectural structures and forms.  


Key features of this Linear light system

1. 28W power watt with a high energy efficacy up to 120LM/W

2. UGR16 glare-free performance, contributing to cozy, comfortable and healthy lighting environment.

3. Easy installation and user-friendly repair and replacement

4. Non-dim,DALI and 1-10V dimming options available

5. Clean and exquisite appearance design and sized at 1050mmx70mmx70mm

6. 70°x85°and 85°x85° wide beam angles

7. Suspended mounting kits are provided