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Approvals/certificates for APOLL™ range of dimmable LED panel lights


The APOLLO™ range of dimmable led panel lights have achieved a great success on sales and brand recognition since their first launch last year. Taking the lead of panel light trends with a modular, removable and ultra-slim design, our APOLLO™ panel lighting is highly recognized among customers around the world for a brilliant use experience and convenience on light installation and accessories replacements. Up to now, the APOLLO™ series of products have been patented and protected in many countries in terms of appearance design. Although the companies that copy the design and infringe on our patents are large in quantity, the original one is always outweighing the counterfeit cheap products and the optical system design we adopt is exceptionally unique and superb.


One of the remarkable benefit for such modern led panel light system is the extremely low glare control, being UGR<16, which is crucial for generating healthy and comfortable lighting. In addition, there are several different options on installation including recessed, suspended and surface-mounted ways. The flexibility on installations makes them the perfect choice for providing versatile lighting solutions in diversified scenarios.


The design of APOLLO flexible LED panels are in line with the lighting standards of different countries worldwide with an stringent quality control and extraordinarily advanced manufacturing process. Presently, the products have been tested and approved successfully by many professional testing laboratories around the world. Some certificates they have include CB LVD, C-tick,EMC,LM79 and ROHS, etc. The success of these certificates testing ensures the products can safely operate even under harsh environments and suit the lighting fixtures use requirements for different countries.


As one of leading lighting manufacturer in China, Kinglumi places emphasis on the safety use and durability of LED luminaires and attaches an high importance to the testing procedures. Internally, we have a comprehensive testing process during production, which include optical light distribution test, light spectrum analysis, water-proof test, constant temperature and humidity test as well as high-temperature & high-pressure test,etc. To make sure the products are highly reliable and durable for use under different environments, we also send them to many professional test laboratories for further examination and achieve certification such as CE,ROHS,CB,C-tick, SAA, EMC, FCC,ETL,DLC and more.

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