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Kinglumi introduces a wide range of DALI 2 lighting systems


Under the IEC 62386 standardized communication protocol, the DALI lighting devices from different manufacturers are able to be connected together, allowing for advanced dimming lighting control and management. The DALI lighting system is believed to simplify the wiring, reduce the installation costs and offer architectural designers more flexibility in lighting design. With the flexible light control, the DALI LED lighting systems help create the sustainable, energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting solutions.


The DALI 2.0 version, which comes with some added control devices such as application controllers and different input devices such as occupancy sensors, bring a higher interoperability in comparison with the previous DALI products. With up to 128 addresses on a single DALI network, the DALI 2.0 version of lighting devices can improve the programming flexibility and help reduce the costs spent on lighting systems installation and replacement. 


To bring more functionalities on light dimming control, as a DALI member, Kinglum recently launched the LEDGEAR™ one4all range of dimmable LED drivers that include quite a few advanced dimming solutions such as DALI 2, PUSH-DIM, 0-10V, 10V PWM with PIR and corridor functionality. The DALI 2 dimming benefit is one of outstanding benefit for such constant current LED drivers that sets us apart from the competitors in the market. 


For the time being, there are only a total of four lighting manufacturers in China that can provide the DALI 2 lighting systems including our company. As is often the case, Kinglumi always stay abreast of the latest lighting technology and presents clients with the LED luminaires that's are user-friendly and energy-efficient.


Both built-in and external DALI 2 LED drivers are now available at Kinglumi and work perfectly with different LED luminaires. Some DALI 2 LED light systems we can provide now include our Water-drop series of dimmable track lights using the built-in DALI 2 LED driver as well as other kinds of LED luminaires that work with the external LED drivers such as the APOLLO range of modern panel lights, MACO downlights and MK integrated light systems, etc.


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