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DALI System Required Components


A DALI system/network requests many different kinds of products in a system. As DALI is a smart wired lighting control system. There are the components MUST be includes in the DALI networks: DALI configurator(and the PC), DALI application controller(some divide into DALI USB+ DALI Bus Power Supply), and DALI control gears with luminaries. While DALI Sensor, DALI touch panel and DALI dimmers is the options of this system, they can be added into the DALI networks if you need them for more control interface.

The function of the DALI components is:

1. DALI application controller: the brain of the DALI system, which is designed to receive and send commands to between all the components, and it's the center of the system for "thinking" like the brain.

2. DALI configurator: A software installed in the computer which allows the lighting control, such as  DALI commissioning, grouping, scene setting, and other lighting control.

3. DALI control gears: it is the DALI driver which can power different luminaries, while LED modules use the control gear that pass the Part 207 and 209 certification.

    The control gears can be differs into constant current and constant voltage output type, which designed for different led modules, the constant current(cc) is mostly for most of the indoor lighting, except less using in led strip where there need a constant voltage driver.

4. DALI sensor is a DALI approved sensor, it is different to other lighting sensors as it only need two wire for working. both the communication and power supply works in the same wire, but it need to be connected to the DALI bus and powered by the DALI bus.

5.DALI dimmer, the function is very similar to to the traditional dimmers that only need 2 wires.

6. DALI touch panel, almost the same as DALI dimmer, or we can call it a DALI dimmer with touch control. It's more user-friendly to control, essentially for the Tunable White or other colour lighting control.

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