For each kind of products, production is of crucial importance. In Kinglumi, good production scheduling and process control rationalizes every production process. The whole process can trace back to ERP control system which reflects any progress of products whenever and wherever, making staffs communicate smoothly and orders responsible for the monitoring. We also bring in ISO9001, 2008 quality management system, which is traceable, to record each step and achieve more accurate control over key steps. Above streamline specialization of production improves the production efficiency and ensures the product quality. The products meet the market demand then quickly enter the market.

What’s more, there is also strict quality control system, which guarantees its being professional, unique and comfortable. 

Materials quality control system

All our materials must be approved by the related standards, such as ENEC, CE, RoHS, rUL, VDE, LM80 etc.

Workshop quality control system

As you can see in the picture, in Kinglumi, its production environment is dust-free. And operating personals wear anti-static ring in their hands, protecting products from human electrostatic hazards. 

Equipments quality system

We have automatic equipments in our workshop: solder paste printer, reflow soldering machine, laser cutting machine and so on. Through high accurate control for the production process, we can extremely ensure the lamp’s consistency and stability. Also, it helps to examine the potential defective components and enhance the production efficiency. 



Authoritative certificates

To some extent, the certificate is a kind of guarantee of quality. Concerning our LED products, we have acquired corresponding LED certificates for different markets as follows