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The 14-42V LEDGEAR™ one4all series of dimmable LED drivers are created including some advanced lighting control solutions such as DALI-2, PUSH-DIM,0-10V,10V PWM as well as corridor function solution, etc. What's uniquely advantageous for these flicker-free LED drivers is that they are DALI-2 tested and certified, which makes us become the fourth domestic lighting manufacturer in China that can provide DALI 2 dimmable LED driver and lighting systems currently.


The independent and strain-relief design for these Dali 2 standard led drivers ensures the quick and user-friendly installation. All terminals of the LED driver come with an easy and convenient connection due to screw-free design. Presently, the one4all type of led drivers are offered with two models of current output performance including 650mA-1100mA and 250MA-600MA but with the same 14-42V output voltage. 

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• Tested in DALI house according to IEC 62386 parts 101,102(DALI-2),207

• Flicker-free 14-42V constant current high efficiency Dali led driver

• Supplied with output current of 650mA-1100mA and 250mA-600mA

• Reliable Class II and SELV LED power supply

• Standby power <0.5W, EcoDesign directive complaints of EU 2015/1428

• Utilize the independent and strain-relief design for easy and quick installation

• Permissible AC cable 0.5-1.5 mm wire gauge, 3.5-8mm PVC jacket diameter

• All terminals are engineered with screw-free design for user-friendly connection

• Working at Ta= -25~+45

• Over 50,000 hrs long lifespan

• 5 years warranty  

• Provided with built-in PFC


• Over current protection

• Over voltage protection

• Over temperature protection

• Over load protection

• Short-circuit protection

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