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Kinglumi New Office Lighting Scheme with Kinglumi Xline Plus, Rocket MR16 Module

Kinglumi's new office is located in another building in NanGang 3rd industry park and put into use on Sep, 2019. General manager of Kinglumi, Mr. Zhu desires a better working environment for all colleagues compared with the old one. Company hired professional construction team to take charge of all the indoor fitment finish including the lighting scheme in floor 5, 2500 square meters working area in all.

The main working area is in oblong shape, which can contain more than 130 people working together. It is a quite time-consuming work for lighting scheme. Xline Plus is recommended as the main light source for the workspace for its flexibility on diverse installation methods, great optics performance, energy efficiency and seamlessly continuous connection. Xline Plus is a new concept light system supporting pendant, recessed, surface and track mounted, one product to satisfy different decoration styles. Original Samsung LED chip could achieve great lighting performance to improve Lux level for task light. Most importantly, Xline plus supports seamless connection, which is extremely suitable for large area lighting without visual awkward.

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30W version Xline Plus is choosed as the main light source for the main working area to provide accent light. Mr. Zhu is an unyielding supporter of environment protection, that is why the 30W version is the option, low electric consumption with high system efficacy up to 110LM/ W. 4000K CCT could provide soft and eye-comfortable light atmosphere. Patented CAMETA lens and reflector effectively reduce glare and flicker, which is the most serious factor to affect working efficiency. 85°x 85°beam angle distribute vertical light symmetrically without obvious light contrast.

It is a massive project to light up a 2500 square meters working area. Stand in the other side of the office and look the other way, more than 16 pieces of combined Xline Plus linear light group distributes in parallel and pendant on the ceiling. For ensuring the light beam could reach every colleague's desk, four 1167mm length Xline Plus linear light are installed together to be one light group. The new office adopt industrial decoration without suspended ceiling, so pendant Xline Plus could be installed in a proper height without light wasting.


Alongside the main office desk area, the hallway, we choose 8W Rocket MR16 modular downlight as the complementary light source. The low Watt consumption MR16 light is bright and low glare, also adopted in the meeting room. Warm CCT could produce cosy light atmosphere for customers when talking business program. Above the reception desk, 10W waterdrop track light is installed among the fence suspended ceiling to highlight the front desk area and the waterfall art wall.

Kinglumi new office is brighter and more spacious than the old one. All the lighting fixtures in new office are provided by Kinglumi. The main light source are Xline Plus pendant light, Rocket MR16 LED module and waterdrop track light.

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