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Create Comfortable Meeting Room Lighting Atmosphere in Kinglumi New Office

With the completion of Kinglumi new working facility fitment finish, the new meeting room is ready to go into service. Compared with the old office, the new one looks more modern, cleaner and brighter. The new main conference room is located in the end of the working area, about 35 square meters which can contain 20 people to attend and is mainly applied for talking about business program, multimedia presentation, team brainstorming and serving customer.


Conference room is a solemn place to talk business, that requires a great lighting atmosphere. There is study showing that the light environment could affect our psychology and mood, that is very important for achieving a successful business. In addition, some factors should also be considered in making the light scheme: direct light and indirect light, UGR index, lux level, color temperature and dimming control. For creating a great lighting atmosphere, we select Xline Plus and Milo downlight as the main light source in meeting room. Both of them are manufactured by Kinglumi with latest advanced LED lighting technology. 

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The NO.1 thing you must care about when you build a lighting scheme is the brightness. You must make sure that the light source distribute enough light when people watch papers and talk business face to face. Xline Plus and Milo downlight are designed with latest LED technology, which could offer higher light intensity with lower energy consuming. Above the meeting table, 12 pieces of 30W Xline Plus linear light connect to be a lighting group and array parallelly in pendant way. For the passage, 12 pieces of 15W Milo downlight are recessed on the ceiling to work with Xline Plus system to cover every corner in conference room. Around the projector screen, the construction team install several Rocket MR16 downlights to make the screen brighter in special situation.


The Xline plus LED pendant light is pure white finish in appearance, we select this version because the white finish could react harmoniously with the white roof, it is part of the overall aesthetic feeling in meeting room. The design of conference room also could reflect the culture of a company and is also an essential factor which could influence customers' impression when they have their first business visiting. Single 30W Xline Plus pendant LED light could distribute 3000LM light intensity, it is enough for lighting up a 30 square meters room. Kinglumi designed CAMETA lens and reflector could reduce annoying glare and flicker, the UGR index could reach up to 19 refer to EN-12464-1.


Around the side of the roof, we put a group of Milo recessed downlight on the ceiling. Milo is an advanced LED lighting system with multiple sizes and installation methods. It supports recessed, surface mounted, trimless and pendant installation. 6 aperture sizes selectable: 102mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm. For the meeting room, we select 15W, 100mm aperture size version, which has CCT selectable: 3000K, 4000K, 5700K.

The low glare and flicker lighting environment is very important for conference room, particularly when people watch computer and multimedia on projector screen. Xline Plus and Milo, both of them have an impressive performance on reducing glare and flicker, that is why they are applied in the new office.   

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