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LEDGEAR® 50W DALI DT8 dimmable drivers

Colour temperature control technology is essential for Human Centric Lighting that supports wellbeing, brings health benefits and increases productivity – and on top, is a beautiful design element.

Kinglumi has a wide range of Tunable White luminaires, developed specifically for dimming and tuning of white colour. While the LEDGEAR® C7 & C8 Tunable white DALI DT8 LED drivers is the heart of tunable white lighting. It allows dimming and changing of color temperature through DALI-2 application controller or through two push-dim buttons. The driver works as a one address DT8 driver, or 2xDT6 in one address.

LEDGEAR® C7 & C8, are independent ECG, design with through wiring and super large wiring space, saving a lot of time and effort on the actual wiring work on site. Big push-fit looping connectors are quick to connect cables with, supporting also various wire thicknesses. Wires are secured to the driver with click-on cable clamps, and strain relief cover clicks on effortlessly securing the connections without any need for screws.


     For Tunable White as well as for 2-channel use (e.g. warm white/cool white; direct/indirect lighting)

     For panel light, troffer and area light in office and education application

     For spot light and downlight in retail and hospitality applications

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   For Tunable White as well as for 2-channel use (e.g. warm white/cool white lighting)

   DALI-2 Device Type 8(DT8 or DALI 209) and Push-DIM 2in1 dimming

   IEC 62386 Part 101,102(DALI-2), 207, 209 qualified and tested in DALI house

   DALI DT8 color type tc compliant , 3% to 100 % (DT8) dimming range

   Reliable, Class II, SELV according EN 61347

   Constant current output, selectable by DIP switches or programmed by DALI

   ENEC, CE, CB approved by TUV SUD, SAA, CTICK qualified

   Allows through wiring and equipped with super large wiring space

  Built-in AUX of 12V max. 100mA for lighting sensor with 3PINs plug-in connector

   ±5% output current accuracy(under maximum load)

   Permissible AC cable 0.75-2.5mm² wire gauge, 8~10mm PVC jacket diameter

   Protection for output open load, short circuits, over voltage and over temperature

   Built-in with permanent memory for DALI and Push-DIM, 100,000 times memory

   90°C Maximum case operation temperature(tc-point ¹)

  Operating temperature ¹: -25°C ~ +50°C, the humidity: 20% ~ 85%

  Over 60,000 hrs nominal lifespan at tc=70°C

  Five-year factory guarantee and lifetime technical support ¹

 “¹” Detailed data please refer to the " PARAMETERS" table .


Flexibility & Optimized Inventory

  Wattage selectable by 4xDIP switches, or by DALI programmed.

   Push-fit secondary terminals for LED module wires

Human Centric Design

   Easy & Quick connection with push-fit terminals and clip-on end cap for strain relief, super large wiring space

   Loop in & loop out function, max.2.5mm2 cross section L,L,X,X,N, N,CS,CS,DA,DA,DA,DA stranded wire or solid wire

Suitable for Emergency Lighting

   Suitable for Central Emergency System, CBS (central battery system)

   50/60Hz and 0Hz(for emergency system)

   Suitable for emergency escape lighting systems according to EN 50172, LEDGEAR® can work with emergency DC voltage input, such as work with backup or emergency LED drivers(batteries).





Output voltage

14-42V(Output current≤900mA);  14-38V(Output current>900mA);

Rated current

350 -1100mA

(preselected 350mA)

Maximum power


Current tolerance


Ripple voltage ²


Ripple current


Line regulation


Load regulation


Flicker percentage ³


Starting time


Turn off time


Noise 4




Rated:220-240V;    Range:200-264V;


Rated:50-60Hz,   0Hz;  Range:47-63Hz, 0Hz;

Power factor

≥0.9;   (Output power ≥ 15W)


<15%   (Output power ≥ 15W)



AC current

300mA  max.

Inrush current


Inrush current time


Leakage current


ON/OFF switches cycle


Standby power


DALI   & PUSH Control

Dimming control mode


Dimming   control type

DT8(2 channels dimming and color tunning)

DALI Input Voltage

Rated:16V;         Range:9.5-22.5V;

DALI Input (Bus) Current

Rated:1.6mA;     Range:1.5-1.7mA;

PUSH Input Voltage

Rated:220-240Vac;    Range:200-264Vac;

PUSH Input Frequency

Rated:50-60Hz;  Range:47-63Hz;

Dimming Range

DALI-2: 2%-100%;     Push-DIM:  3%-100%;

DALI Standard

IEC   62386-101: 2014, IEC 62386-102: 2014, IEC 62386-207: 2009, IEC 62386-209:   2009,DALI Part 150:2019


Over current

Constant  current limiting, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed

Over voltage

Shut down output voltage, with auto-recovery or re-power on to recovery

Over temperature

Shut down output voltage, recovers automatically after temperature goes down

Short circuit

Constant current limiting, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed


&  EMC

Safety standards

EN61347-2-13;  Design refer to TUV EN60950-1, TUV   EN61347-1

Withstand voltage

I/P-O/P:3KVac    I/P-FG:1.5KVac       O/P-FG500Vdc

Isolation resistance

I/P-O/P,   I/P-FG, O/P-FG:100M Ohms/500Vdc/25/75%RH

EMC emission

EN55015B,   EN55022 Class B, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

EMC immunity

EN61000-4-2,   EN61547, EN55024, EN-61000-4-5

Surge   immunity Line-Earth: 2KV, L Line- N Line:1KV;


Ambient temperature range

-25°C   ~ +50°C

Max. case temperature(tc)10


Relative humidity range

20%  ~ 85%RH

Storage temperature range

-30°C   ~ +75°C

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